Leveraging Proximity Sensors In Cold Chain

Vivid Beacons proximity sensors empower enterprises by offering a self-adhesive temperature and humidity monitoring services for almost everything. Users can access the data locally over their devices or upload it to the cloud for better analysis.


In order to avoid product spoilage, you need to maintain optimum temperature during the transportation process of the food and pharmaceutical supplies. Vivid Beacons wireless sensors seamlessly track the temperature, locations, humidity, and other environmental parameters. Our temperature monitoring system ensures that the freezers and coolers are AOK while keeping your business far from any unnecessary damages.

  • Maintain consistency of temperature
  • Get real-time alerts and avoid product spoilage and liquid leaks
  • Prevent equipment malfunctions
Wireless Temperature Sensing

Vivid Beacons offer smart temperature monitoring system with sensors that operate in remote locations and requires minimal human supervision and engagement. It regularly tracks the temperature and gathers the real-time reports while sending alerts to the customer about what the temperature level is. The sensors are designed in a way that they store data or messages even if the communication to the wireless gateway disrupts.

  • Get real-time temperature updates
  • Accurate & versatile warehouse monitoring
  • Save time & resources.

Designed for regulated and complex environments, Vivid Beacons cater to wide business segments. Our advanced data loggers assists enterprises to measure humidity, temperature, CO2, differential parameters, and various other fields accurately.

  • Vivid Beacons offers products and services that are easy to configure and deploy.

  • Our advanced wireless temperature monitoring devices cater to today‚Äôs digital needs.

  • We have a team of specialists who are available to assist the customers round the clock and fix their issues in no time.

  • Across the globe, we have a strong customer base and numerous enterprises that entrust and count on our services.


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