Food Safety


Remote monitoring system helps you maximize food safety visibility and reduces the scope of risk. Vivid Beacons offers you a wide range of remote monitoring tools that alert you whenever your frozen food inventories are at risk.

Monitoring Refrigerated Warehouses

Optimized humidity control in refrigerated warehouses can minimize the frost buildup, increase energy efficiency, and minimizes the defrosting costs. The advanced monitoring systems at Vivid Beacons offer comprehensive services that help in measuring dew point, relative humidity, and frost point in multiple temperature conditions. Our world-class sensors allow you to monitor ultra-low temperature freezers and refrigerators to preserve foods, wines, vegetables, and other food items. It will eliminate expensive problems, prevent downtimes, and maintain high performance by tracking.

  • Temperature fluctuations.
  • Power failures, pressure, and humidity.
  • Water seepage and intrusions.
Remote Monitoring For Restaurants

The restaurant industry has to regularly monitor the environmental fluctuations in the freezers, pantries, fridges, and various storage areas. And this kind of temperature and humidity excursions accompanies various risks including food spoilage and bacterial buildup which thus compromise the food quality. We at Vivid Beacons implement wireless sensors that assist restaurant owners in improving operational efficiency and quality check with a seamless and real-time analysis of integrated reports, environment logs, and relevant actionable alerts.

  • Real-time alerts to safeguard your assets.
  • Refrigeration alarm system.
  • Improved food safety process.
Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring the valuable cold food products, frozen and refrigerated inventory is a difficult task to tackle, which demands complete attention, awareness, and your presence. If you aren’t on the site, there is a scope of encountering losses. To tackle these situations smartly and on-time, we offer remote cold chain monitoring sensors and advance warning systems that ensure that all the food products are stored at the correct temperature.

  • Capture critical point temperature.
  • Get real-time data of cooling rooms, freezers, and refrigerated trucks.
  • Early warning systems and data loggers.


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