Whether you need to check the temperature of an important shipment of a life-saving vaccine or you need to check the temperature of the dairy products to be delivered, the smart temperature monitoring system can offer real-time information and notify you in case of any temperature fluctuations.

Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

A majority of warehouse and distribution companies rely on wireless temperature sensors that ensure cold-chain integrity to keep track of all their major operations. Smart devices enable users to gain access to 24/7 reliable monitoring and real-time excursion alerts whenever temperature fluctuations occur. Implementing these wireless sensors will monitor the proper storage of perishables while offering you real-time updates.

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts.
  • Bluetooth remote sensor technology.
  • Robust traceability.
Cold Chain Monitoring

In case temperature fluctuates, there seems an urgent need to monitor the temperature throughout the process and take instant and suitable steps to fix it. Investing in a temperature monitoring system keeps you on the safer side by sending immediate updates during temperature excursions. An automated temperature monitoring system will enable logistics industry to avoid economic losses and risks during the cold chain management.

  • Monitor cold chain assets in real-time.
  • Remote monitoring solutions.
  • Enable proactive monitoring for temperature excursions.
Inventory Tracking

Our wide range of temperature monitoring devices come equipped with real-time inventory tracking functionality via RFID sensors. Users can experience high accuracy and get real-time tracking reports and reduce the scope of risk. The smart sensors also allow the users to fetch benefit out of GPS enabled data reports and keep track of products.

  • Reduced spoilage.
  • GPS enabled data reports.
  • Real-time inventory tracking.


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