Implementing Predictive Analytics in Cold Chain

Even after receiving real-time alerts of temperature fluctuations, usually business owners aren’t able to marshal the right resources to overcome a cold chain issue. It becomes essential to be proactive rather than reactive. ML-Powered predictive analysis keeps you covered in this situation.


Implementing predictive analysis in the cold chain will peer forward along the scheduled route of a shipment and foresee the issues before they occur. We at Vivid Beacons work upon devices that forecast temperature and humidity in real-time to reduce the scope of risk before you encounter loss. It allows businesses to get a clear idea about the temperature excursions before the products are transferred to another place.

  • Foresee risks
  • Identify temperature excursions
  • Get rid of product spoilage and loss

Whenever products unload from a temperature-controlled conveyance, usually the products spoil because the next source isn’t available to pick it. Replying on a smart temperature monitoring device assist you by calculating the estimated time of arrivals at supply chain nodes, and predicts other factors including weather and port congestion. It even highlights the choke points and keeps you aware of the possible risks.

  • Calculate predicted times of major events in a cold chain process.
  • Deliver accurate outputs.
  • Highlights choke points & risk areas.

End-to-end visibility of perishable goods becomes a necessity in order to carry out the right cold chain operations. Our ML-powered IoT-enabled devices come equipped with RFID sensors and GPS capabilities to measure the temperature, humidity, and other factors during the shipping process. Our seamless services send alerts and notifications in real-time to keep the customers aware in case the temperature shows any variations. This enables the enterprises to take necessary steps and maintain product integrity.

  • Gain end-to-end product visibility
  • Data transmission in real-time.