Health Care


Monitoring medical tissue samples, vaccines, or other assets stored in medical-grade refrigerators might be a tiresome task, especially when you aren’t at the site. And if the suitable temperature isn’t maintained, the pharmaceutical products will not be safe to use. At this stage, relying on a continuous temperature monitoring system becomes a necessity. Vivid Beacons ensures all these things and keeps you on the safer side.

Vaccine & Drug Stores

Vaccine potency eventually decreases once left open or in unsafe temperature ranges. Some vaccines might show visible signs like clumping once kept under unsafe temperature, but this isn’t a reliable indicator to know about the vaccines state. Deploying a real-time remote monitoring system ensures efficacy of vaccines and medicines and helps you store them at the right temperature at all times. So, you can monitor the temperature status of your drug store even in your absence and maintain the stability without human monitoring.

  • Regulatory compliance and quality monitoring of vaccines.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in real-time.
  • Instant alarming and data logging.
Blood Banks

Due to the contamination and possible temperature excursions in the blood bank storage units, it becomes necessary to monitor these units with the utmost care and attention. At Vivid Beacons, we offer wireless temperature monitoring system for blood banks that protects blood wastage and increase patient safety, compliance, and ensures proper working of the transfusion services at your blood bank. As the devices and sensors detect the environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, oxygen, air, etc, you can save cost by identifying the impending failure of blood samples.

  • Monitor the temperatures of upper and lower sections of the refrigerator.
  • Detects abnormal conditions and sends instant alerts.
  • Effortless monitoring, reporting, and alarm management.
Artificial Fertilization Centers

Due to frequent storage tank temperature fluctuations, the artificial fertilization centers have faced major losses. Vivid Beacons holds expertise in implementing temperature monitoring systems in fertilization centers that wirelessly monitor freezer temperatures in the IVF labs and offer full data logging functionalities. In case of any temperature excursions, the smart sensors automatically send instant alerts to avoid further problems.

  • Temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Real-time alerts of temperature fluctuations.
  • Long-term data logging storage.