About Us

 We founded Vivid Beacons with an idea to revolutionize the way enterprises monitor, predict, and make informed decisions. With the evolution of technology trends, we realized that a minor unnoticed thing could end up in compromising the product quality on the customer end. Something fundamental had to be changed in terms of accuracy, efficiency, agility, product quality, and user experience.
 Meanwhile, smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) were offering an operational framework which would directly bridge the gap and deliver better decision making for the businesses. So, we planned out to work upon sensor-enabled devices which would assist major industries in making smarter decisions and help them to make better decisions, uplift the user experience, and thereby improve the ROI.

Our Story

By incorporating the innovative tech trends, Vivid Beacons enables businesses to manage asset protection, compliance, product quality, and data analysis with confidence and advancement. We have developed devices which would automate monitoring and record temperature excursions while catering the wide demands of multiple industries including- food industry, healthcare, logistics, artificial fertilization centers, and a lot more.

Vivid Beacons is specifically designed to provide consistent product enhancements while eliminating the scope of inaccuracy. Today, we have gained a name and trust of global clients dealing in numerous industries, from commercial, government, to non-profit organizations.

Our Community

We are a group of experienced folks that have a strong hold over the digital tech-trends, from Internet of Things to smart sensors, and have in-depth knowledge of the advanced monitoring systems. From startups to well-established businesses, we have catered to all requirements and reached beyond the customer satisfaction level. We are enthusiastic about learning and growing every moment, and we keep ourselves available to assist our clients round the clock.



Unlike the traditional security systems, Vivid Beacons eliminates the demand for ongoing expenses and offers you instant outputs that keep your business on the safer side.

From FDA to other renowned laboratories and established businesses, we have a proven track of assisting enterprises with a wide range of temperature sensors, Wi-Fi sensor, humidity sensor, proactive monitoring, and reactive monitoring solutions.

Our web-based embedded wireless system has enhanced the business lifecycle where environment monitoring is critical. Backed by a dexterous team of experienced folks, we ensure the accuracy and preciseness level of the outputs we offer.


The deployment process would hardly take time and installs devices quickly with self-provisioning wireless sensors. We offer a seamless user interface that makes operations easy on the user’s end.


We assist enterprises in driving more efficient results with our collaborative system that regularly monitors cross-team workflows and other operations.


Acquire visibility with our AI-powered predictive models that allow businesses to experience proactive decision-making process.


For constant customer assistance, our experts are available round the clock to assist you and clear your queries and fix your problems ASAP.


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